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A psychologist, a philosopher, and an anthropologist walk into a Podcast. We hope to offend anyone that holds entrenched views, pop some bubbles, air out some echo chambers, see if we can tackle familiar controversies, while trying to find a third way.

The principle of this podcast is simple. We maintain that any time someone has trapped their thinking in a false dichotomy (Left vs. Right, Us Vs. Them, Good vs. evil...) then they’re reducing conversation to a competition, oversimplifying and preventing dialogue by limiting what could be a rich and nuanced conversation.

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Is America’s Foreign Policy Corrupt or Coherent? Season 2 Episode 2


America’s history has always combined colonialist expansion with entrepreneurial spirit. Is Lockheed Martin sponsored war with Iran the inevitable logical step?

Following another longstanding tradition of Europeans critiquing American foreign policy, the Beyond Binary Team have a go.

We’re joined by an American political hip hop artist to help explain whether there’s method to the madness of the orange president, and whether Christian Evangelicals are intentionally catalyzing world war three, and how America continues to see its role in the world so differently from everyone else.

We struggle to play devil’s advocate, and discuss how much America will be missed now it’s losing its position of respect as a world power, and running out of money after spending trillions on losing profitable but illegal wars.


The Satanic Temple's Kym LaRoux and Chalice Blythe go Beyond Binary ThinkingSeason 2 Episode 1


Given The Satanic Temple's dramatic growth following the massively succesful warts and all documentary (now on Netflix), it was a pleasant surprise when they agreed to a chat.

I came prepared to play devil’s advocate. How can a group whose values include the right to offend be inspiring and thoughtful? How does a growing and popular organisation stop themselves from becoming the powerful theocracy they’re protesting against?

The Satanist label clearly gets a lot of press attention, but isn’t it counterproductive for their work in schools and with mental healthcare? I tried to hold up the mirror to some criticism of their members’ groupthink, and hypocrisy.

They responded thoughtfully, and left us awestruck by the depth of their understanding of religion, psychology, philosophy, and how to change the world for the better.

Please donate to help them keep up their vital community work.

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And here’s a link to Denied Grace’s music!


Episode 12

While the daydream Brelievers seem asleep at the wheel, the Remoaners' project fear remains as unconvincing as their attempts to call everyone racist. Furthermre attempts to push for a second referendum lost Labour the North of England, and the election.

Most of us ran out of hope and interest years ago, but after failing to avoid the topic, the Beyond Binary Team finally discuss Brexit.

We brought on our favourite troll from the Facebook comments as a guest speaker. Toby's job was to keep the conversation as hilarious and futile as the subject matter.

Chris tried his hardest to defend Brexit in a 3 vs 1 royal rumble.

Were bendy bananas really worth getting this upset over?

If the EU is a Mafia, was it better to be part of the family than in witness protection?

Is Boris Britain's Trump? Is Brexit Farage's wall? Is this Britain's chance to become a weed growing offshore tax haven (and Europe's Carribean)?

Would anyone turn out for another referendum at this point, and how dangerous would a Gammon stampede be if we ignored the result of the last one?


The EnviroApocalypse: Hope, Hate, or Courage? Episode 11

Beyond Binary Takes to the streets and demands action. There's no debate (outside of America) about whether climate change exists.

The same Oil Lobbyists who've bribed Congress to deny the existence of climate change, are now pushing the narrative that it's too late to do anything.

So have you abandoned hope? Will thoughts and prayers, likes and shares be your only response?

No! It's time for courage, action, and recognition that any politician that isn't going act immediately, needs to go. They've failed the planet for too long, but you can't.

Join us in protest, join the discussion and replace fossil fuels and fake news with renewable media sources!


Episode 10

A drunk & hedonistic psychologist, a sober absurdist philosopher, and a high nihilistic anthropologist discuss it all and more, while laughing at the surreal tragedy of trying to find happiness in life, as we celebrate our 10th episode.

Should we search for meaning in life or do we need to create it ourselves?

Is finding meaning key to a happy life?

Is happiness key to a meaningful life?

Can happiness be achieved on an individual scale or do we need community?

Do we need to strive locally or globally to protect the continued survival of our planet, and is it possible or desirable to be happy in a world on the brink of extinction?

Is Capitalism intrinsically linked to materialism, and is that inherently bad if national happiness is linked to a rising GDP?

Is Buddhism the antidote, does it merely numb the pain, or has it already been corrupted and commercialised?


Episode 9

The Israeli occupation of Palestine has been the longest military engagement in Modern History. The Palestinians have received more financial aid than any group in history (larger per capita than the Marshall plan). There's no shortage of news coverage nor opinions on Israel, Palestine, Zionism nor Anti-Semitism.

So we talked to an Arabian Jew, who was capable of seeing both sides, to explore the nuance and intricacies of this complex narrative. More of a discussion and a learning exercise, than a debate, this was a fantastic opportunity to hear the rarely told story.

Whatever you think you know on this highly controversial topic, take the time to listen to someone that's served in the Israeli Army, dated Palestinian girls, and is prepared to admit the failings of his own side, as long as people aren't blind to the faults of the Palestinian leadership.

We don't claim to have all the answers, but I'm so glad we took the time to ask the important questions.

Episode 8

Could we, should we? Will it ever be man vs. machine or will our minds meld in a symbiotic union?

Technological Philosophy: are we moving from a carbon-based organism to an immortal silicon-based consciousness?

Four curious souls discuss the current understanding of human consciousness and how it has shaped itself.


The conversation moves through exciting realms of artificial intelligence, network intelligence and other SciFi banter to explore if the future of human/artificial consciousness belongs to a skull, a digital post-human, or the junkyard.


Episode 7

Beyond Binary Thinking confronts the Libertarian Right's claim that Marxist academics and millennial snowflakes are destroying freedom of speech with their no platforming, trigger warning safe space political correctness.


We also look into the Left's counter-theory that the Koch Brothers are flooding campuses with hate speech as part of a funded Culture War. We get deep and controversial as we hold up the mirror to the excesses and exaggerations of both sides of this argument.

From religion to politics, hate crime to death threats, we get deep and controversial as we hold up the mirror to the excesses and exaggerations of both sides of this argument.


What's the cost of free speech? Is it worth it?


Episode 6​

An Interview with an ethno-nationalist, Alt-Right, Proud Boy for Episode 6 of Beyond Binary Thinking Interviews.


Tryin to have a nuanced and empathetic conversation with someone with very controversial views was challenging.


So far, it’s been intensely fun to swim in different waters from the mainstream. Countering the left vs. right narrative felt like we’d opened up a whole new dimension...


One can reach across the aisle and discuss differences in interpretations, opinions, and perspectives.

But when there is no overlap between two sets of underlying facts, how can you reach an agreement?


Episode 5

We hear more and more about the need to get more women in tech. More female founders, female funders, and more female panellists at events.  Is it a man's world?


Jess Houlgrave, founder of Codex Protocol and shEOS recently said in an interview with the Spectator that blockchain is "an industry based on merit. It’s very diverse, very varied politically and geographically — so no one cares whether you’re male or female, it’s about how good you are".  Does that mean there isn't a problem?  


We discuss with Jess herself, her thoughts, experiences and theories, on the role of software, society, finance, the media, quotas, regulation and education in correcting the balance.


Episode 4

This week we get controversial (for a change) and argue with a Vegan activist.


If you’ve ever met a vegan, you’ve probably heard the arguments about the problems with eating meat.

You’re also probably familiar the stereotype of vegans being anything but persuasive in their approach.

Why are vegans annoying?

We explore cognitive dissonance, the social psychology behind minorities more effectively persuading the majority to their point of view.

Do you hate vegans? Why? When they talk about cruelty, does it make you feel uncomfortable?

Are you sure it’s them that you hate?

Maybe it’s the consequences of some of your actions?

Episode 3

Will the AI revolution change the world as much as the industrial revolution? Who will benefit, which jobs will be made, and which will automation make extinct?


Is Universal Basic Income or Negative Income Tax the solution? Can technology help put the community back in society?


From time banks, to social credit, from Big Brother to Robot Overloads, we discuss how AI, automation, the rising power of corporations, and changes in taxation will change society.


Episode 2

Having an overly scripted and prescriptive syllabus on any course means that there is less room for teachers to adapt to the students, to add their own personal style to classes

Examples abound of teachers who have left the profession due to over-standardization.


Educational institutions which force a “one size fits all” approach limit opportunities for students.

The danger is falling into “transfer-content pedagogy” which emphasizes one correct way.

Enabling intrinsic need for self-development, is fairly Idealised, is it a bit wishy-washy? Beyond Binary Thinking Podcast blends the psychology, philosophy and politics of eduction to discuss.


Episode 1

Most of what we've been taught about the history of Christianity and Atheism is wrong.


The idea that Christians were either persecuted Martyrs, or that they held back scientific advancement, burnt libraries, and started crusades is based on r/badhistory and it takes, an anthropological, philosophical and psychological approach to go beyond binary thinking.


We hear divergent creation myths from both Atheists, Christians and Muslims, modern historians believe that neither the dark ages nor the renaissance actually existed and that our shared narratives are inaccurate and hypocritical.

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