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A psychologist, a philosopher, and an anthropologist walk into a Podcast.

We hope to offend anyone that holds entrenched views, pop some bubbles, air out some echo chambers, see if we can tackle familiar controversies, while trying to find a third way.

The principle of this podcast is simple. We maintain that any time someone has trapped their thinking in a false dichotomy (Left vs. Right, Us Vs. Them, Good vs. evil...) then they’re reducing conversation to a competition, oversimplifying and preventing dialogue by limiting what could be a rich and nuanced conversation.

Season 4 Episode 9

Lucky Dip: NFTs, Hobbies, and Comfort

The original crew each brings a topic, and we have a good old chat.

Great fun.


Season 4 Episode 6

What do Anarchists and Marxists Have in Common?

Some say the left have no unity!


Yet Toby and Chris had the pleasure of discussing the nuance in the differences between Marxist and Anarchist thought from Comrades: Brenton Lengal (Snow White Zombie Apocalypse, & Buenaventura Durruti), and Duncan Moore and Ryan Aldred (National Committee of the Socialist Party).


We managed to avoid it descending into a confrontation, and an inspiring discussion was had.

Season 4 Episode 7

Are Monarchies a Threat to Democracy?

We debate the merits and pitfalls of democracy and abolishing monarchies with Jacob from BigYellowPraxis and Underrated/ Overhated


Check him out here

Season 4 Episode 8

African American Trump Voter

Pat's political observations are as passionate as they are astute. He voted for Trump the first time, but was disillusioned as yet another President failed to exact any real change.


Chris, Paul (Southern Podcast Authority) and Brent (Snow White Zombie Apocalypse) joined him for a debate on Centrist Vs. Left Wing politics.


We were all surprised by how much we had in common.


Four people from different political perspectives agreeing on the problems of the current political system, instructs us all about the need for Beyond Binary discussions.


Check out the following links for more:

Season 4 Episode 5

Will China Rule the World Better than America?

Is the Chinese Dream starting to crack at the seams? Last time we talked China, we discussed the silk and belt road initiative and how China is buying up debt world wide. It seemed like they had a 100 year plan, and "The West" was falling apart.

Now it seems like everyone is equally struggling.

We talk to two Americans (including Connor from the Prove Me Wrong, Please podcast) who have lived in China for several years. To discuss whether China will rule the world better now the US is fading as a superpower.

The discussion was impressively nuanced, and took a few fascinating turns.