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If you’ve ever met a vegan, you’ve probably heard various arguments about the issues with eating meat. You’re also probably familiar the stereotype of vegans being anything but persuasive in their approach. Why are vegans annoying? Why do they feel the need to argue? Their constant moaning about animals and heart disease, their claims of a better environment and tastier foods... It can't be all be truthful, can it?

Wait a second; what even is a vegan? Apart from a self-righteous, gaunt-looking greasy Muppet with no friends…? It seems like they trawl the internet looking for the tiniest glimpse of hope that their way of life is better than everyone else's and then flood their Facebook pages with incessant nonsense, trying to make their social circles feel bad.

Do they not know that plants have feelings, just as our farmyard animals do? Do they not realize that they're killing themselves slowly with the lack of nutrients and vitamins that humans need!?

Enter: Merijn, Chris and Finn of Beyon...

September 11, 2018

The difficulty in ensuring education is as good as it can be, often comes down to pragmatic differences. Should taxpayers fund public schools, or should there be a range of private options, with different prices on offer to those who can afford to pay more? Should what is learned be standardised or should students be able to decide for themselves what they want to pursue so that they are as engaged as possible in their studies? This is a classic example of ‘binary thinking’, which is so common in public and private discourse nowadays. Our aim is to go beyond binary thinking and delve into other possibilities that provide alternative answers.

September 11, 2018

Once we understand that Christians were neither persecuted martyrs, nor destroyers of scientific advancement, the history of religion can be understood with much more nuance. A creationist with a literal reading of the King James version of the Bible in an easy straw man to ridicule. That’s why it’s so fascinating to find atheists claiming to be enlightened and rational, falling into the same self serving biases and believing (without fact checking) their own revisionist history. There is a fascinating history of Christianity, where the declining Roman Empire, rebrands itself as the Holy Roman Empire. With its promise of economic growth, and threat of military power was strangled by a corrupt and bureaucratic empire, it pivoted to claim dominion of the gates to the afterlife.

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