August 11, 2020

The Satanic Temple's Grey Faction, works hard to de-monetise, de-platform, and denounce the unchecked industry of Conspiracy Therapists plaguing American psychotherapy.

It's a less re-tweeted, but much more deserving example of a cancel culture campaign.

There's a perfect storm of satanic panic, conspiracy theories, pseudoscience, and the commodification of mental illness that the McMartin Preschool fallout never truly quashed.

Psychological therapy has always been a hot mess. Its founding father, Sigmund Freud grew a cult as popular with the Victorians as their love of nipple-rings (Like most of the bold claims I make here, you'll enjoy Googling that shit).

Freud's shrewd and prolific campaign of spam letters, influencer date rape, and outrageous PR took the world by storm, all the more impressively because he simultaneously told everyone they wanted to fuck their own mothers.

An ever expanding religious-business franchise, Freudian psychodynami...

If you’ve ever met a vegan, you’ve probably heard various arguments about the issues with eating meat. You’re also probably familiar the stereotype of vegans being anything but persuasive in their approach. Why are vegans annoying? Why do they feel the need to argue? Their constant moaning about animals and heart disease, their claims of a better environment and tastier foods... It can't be all be truthful, can it?

Wait a second; what even is a vegan? Apart from a self-righteous, gaunt-looking greasy Muppet with no friends…? It seems like they trawl the internet looking for the tiniest glimpse of hope that their way of life is better than everyone else's and then flood their Facebook pages with incessant nonsense, trying to make their social circles feel bad.

Do they not know that plants have feelings, just as our farmyard animals do? Do they not realize that they're killing themselves slowly with the lack of nutrients and vitamins that humans need!?

Enter: Merijn, Chris and Finn of Beyon...

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