December 10, 2018

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for this episode, and I’m frankly confused.

The only criticism came from Twitter, and although they hadn’t heard the episode, they took the time to tell us we should not have done it. As ridiculously prototypically Twitter as that sounds, I agree with them.

All four of us procrastinated and resented both the preparation and recording of this interview.

The editing was the most excruciating torture; it was mostly three people, continuously shouting over each other. The fourth was most likely biting their fist to distract from the pain of the cringe.

I can’t listen back to it. It’s a slow-motion car crash of awkwardness, anger, miscommunication, failures to listen, and an inability to reach any consensus.

Worse, it’s an indictment of our entire premise and format of the show.

So far, it’s been intensely fun to swim in different waters from the mainstream. Countering the left vs. right narrative felt like we’d opened up a whole new dimension...

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