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As we continue to expand our horizons, and meet new people with new perspectives, here is a list of the guests we've had on the podcast, and the podcasts we've been guests on. In reverse chronological order.

The Morality of Everyday Things


An episode deep diving on whether entrepreneurship can be a force for good, with Christian and Cookie who got fairly argumentative about the merits of capitalism and democracy. If entrepreneurship is positive, at what scale does it cause more harm than good? How does finance dirty the waters and would nationalization or democratization resolve some of these issues?

Tacticool Girlfriend


The American gun control debate is fiercely polemic with Liberals framing the gun lobby as right-wing rednecks with blood on their hands. While Conservatives point to the gang shootings in Democrat run cities caused by the failed attempts at gun control. This leaves gun-rights activists on the Left in an uncomfortable minority. So we spoke to our favourite YouTuber, Tacticool Girlfriend for some much needed nuance.

Rock Logic with Sean Kenny

Nuclear Power is misunderstood, and shrouded in all the secrecy you'd expect from Cold War weapon technology.

So we were blessed to have Sean Kenny, an expert guest on the next generation of nuclear molten salt reactors.

An enlightening and intriguing conversation was had on the risks and rewards environmentally, and geo-politically for investing in the next generation of Nuclear reactors, and the need to stop lobbyists, political apathy, NIMBYism, and regulatory monopolies. For more info on this fascinating subject, check out: https://rocklogicwithseankenny.com/

Southern Podcast Authority / Real Politik

Sharp as they are charming, the gents from the Southern Podcast Authority (née Real Politik) are their best kept secret is they're too handsome for podcasting! We've done three crossovers with our kindred spirits across the pond.



Kas is a phenomenally talented hiphop producer, rapper, and animator. We spoke to him about what the fuck was going on during the height of the Polish Protests, and learned a lot!


Puzzled Minds Podcast

Chris appeared on the Puzzled Minds Podcast to talk about losing and finding his faith again with some lovely hosts who are always inviting the best guests on, and encouraging to open up and share everything.


Grey Faction

Evan Anderson, head of Grey Faction does inspiring work taking on pseudoscience and conspiracy therapists in the mental health industry.

We discuss how Satanic Panic made an industry of hysteric Conspiracy Therapists, implanting false memories, and interfering with criminal cases. Does privatized healthcare corrupt therapy as quickly as a nationalized service trying to scale costs?

And what does all this quackery means for the field of Psychology.

Please visit the Grey Faction Official Forum to keep this wonderful and vital discussion going:




Jamie Mackie


Pablo Leroy Jenkonius

The Satanic Temple


Karl Marx Does the Washing Up


The Swoletariat


Ved Vyas


Jess Houlgrave


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